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Virtual reality and Sex dolls

The virtual reality in Naughty Harbor brings an immersive visual and physical experience.

Only here you can experience a unique experience combining an extremely real silicone doll with an immersive virtual reality environment. All thanks to a lightweight and wireless high-definition device.

Are you tempted to enjoy the company of your favorite porn actress? Enjoy your imagination. Imagine the most beautiful girl whispering immorality in your ear. She seduces you. Naked. You touch her, feel her skin and her excitement.

30 minutes

1 690 CZK

60 minutes

2 190 CZK

120 minutes

3 190 CZK

Reservation and support

+420 721 634 362

The reservation is absolutely discreet. The provided personal data are for reservation purposes only.

Hygiene and safety comes first. How do we clean our real dolls?.

Girls for sex, who don't rebel

Our Sex dolls will fulfill all your wishes

Modern erotic services

Sex for money quite differently

Unique experience

Experience your first time with a perfect Sex doll

100% Safe Sex

Visiting Naughty Harbor is discreet and safe.

Choose a sex doll, with whom you enjoy the trip to virtual reality

How does a visit to the erotic brothel Naughty Harbor look like?

1. Get a VR set

We will be happy to explain how a particular service works.

2. Choose a VR movie or game

You become the director of your own erotic experience.

3. Sail on the waves of fantasy

You will experience a brand new sexual experience.

Virtual reality and real dolls

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VR erotic game

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Virtual relaxation

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Come and enjoy at brothel
or buy a virtual reality device or sex doll home.

In Prague's unique Naughty Harbor, you will find the most beautiful realistic Sex dolls waiting to fulfill all your erotic dreams and desires. If you want to enjoy with a silicone doll in your own bed, choose from hundreds of sex dolls in our dedicated e-shop. We will be happy to help you.