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Cleaning and maintenance of Sex dolls and sex toys

Hygiene and 100% cleanness is very important for us in Naughty Harbor. We take care of erotic toys including Sex dolls very carefully.

Procedure and cleaning of dolls

Careful cavities cleaning

Flushing each cavity with water and disinfectant fluid repeatedly using an enema. Repeating the process to 100% hygienic cleanliness.

Full body cleaning

Washing the SexDoll several times with water and disinfectant liquid. Paying attention to every part of the body.

Sex doll drying

Carefully washed sex doll drying gently and let naturally dry.

Sex doll powdering

The powder coating makes the real doll skin which is made of high-quality TPE material even more realistic to the eye and to the touch. Thanks to the content of disinfectants, the powder helps to achieve 100% hygienic cleanness.

Perfume application

SexDoll is always scented for you. The fragrance of quality perfume will make your experience more intense and pleasant.

Erotic toys maintenance

Cleaning and hygiene of other sex toys (masturbator) proceeds as carefully as with real dolls. See. 1-3.

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